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Update on the weaning

Started by Ana Morao in Tube Weaning. Last reply by Olga Nov 26. 1 Reply

PEG op gone very wrong - family needs help

Started by Janelle Aronsten in Mums Needing Support - NOW. Last reply by Janelle Aronsten Nov 20. 2 Replies

A Unsafe swallow - NG tube

Started by Anna Kheradmand in Mums Needing Support - NOW. Last reply by Kay Korsg Nov 10. 3 Replies



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Membership to Tube Fed Kids is FREE and we would like to keep it that way.  The subscription each year is $240.00 US dollars.  Last year members kindly donated what they could afford towards to cost of the annual subscription which was enough for 18 months.  I have just paid for the next year Aug 2012-Aug 2013 by paypal. If you are willing to…


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Message from TFK Moderator

This forum is a way to share experiences about Tube Dependency, Tube Feeding and Tube Weaning. Members of TFK are mainly parents who have been through the Graz method or who have used the principles of child-led, caloric-reduction style of tube weaning. Or they are TFK members who are Health Professionals interested in learning more from families and their experiences.

Read Before You…


Created by Karelle Mar 14, 2012 at 6:42am. Last updated by Karelle Apr 7, 2012.

Purpose of this Forum

The membership of Tube Fed Kids is primarily parents of past and present tube fed children.  The forum is solely for the purpose of sharing experiences and supporting other parents during their own tube feeding/weaning journey. 

This site is run by parents for parents. Tube Fed Kids is a totally independent parent social networking…


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SP replied to SP's discussion 8 Month Old / NG Tube / Oral Aversion - Home Weaning Advice Please!
"Hi Christine, Thanks for this. The straw bottle came through so wish us luck! il let you know how we get on. I think i just panic when he has days when his appetite is less even though its perfectly normal for babies to do this...paranoia definitely…"
Olga replied to Sal's discussion ng tube weaning for 16month old
"Ahh, ok. I wonder what the "key" is out there that would taste really good to him?? For us, it was  Neocate EO28 "Splash", a full formula, fats and all, that tasted like juice and didn't have that sticky mouthfeel.…"
Profile IconWynell, Bri Rogerson and Philip joined Tube Fed Kids - Deserve to Eat
Sal replied to Sal's discussion ng tube weaning for 16month old
"Hello Olga, I am worried that his formula intake has dropped to 200-300ml just because he is not taking considerable amounts of solids yet ( he takes 1-2 spoon of solids) and his formula is the only major source for nutrition and calories until he…"
Christine S. replied to SP's discussion 8 Month Old / NG Tube / Oral Aversion - Home Weaning Advice Please!
"Hi SP,  Good to hear that things were going well. And that is even without a bottle or straw! I agree with Olga, when my little one had fever she ate much less and she didn't drink from the straw nearly as well for a good few days until…"
Dec 12
SP replied to SP's discussion 8 Month Old / NG Tube / Oral Aversion - Home Weaning Advice Please!
"Thanks Olga, i think its just nerves...he has been doing well and now it feels like a back step but you are right its quite easy to forget 'normal baby things'! Lets see what happens. "
Dec 11
Olga replied to SP's discussion 8 Month Old / NG Tube / Oral Aversion - Home Weaning Advice Please!
"I think one thing to remember is that not all feeding things are related to tube status or to weaning. Sometimes, babies just get fussy and decrease their intake. He could be getting sick, or have a bit of constipation (??) or who knows -- both of…"
Dec 11
SP replied to SP's discussion 8 Month Old / NG Tube / Oral Aversion - Home Weaning Advice Please!
"Hi Ladies Need some advice, Jayce has been doing really well eating (milk not too bad but really has to be mixed into food mainly- we are still waiting for the straw bottle to be delivered). We are on Day 27 of the wean and he has been really fussy…"
Dec 11
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Dec 9
Stefania posted a photo
Dec 8
Olga replied to Sal's discussion ng tube weaning for 16month old
"A few thoughts: preference for strong flavors is really typical with tube-fed kiddos, so the desire for salty doesn't surprise me. Fruits can be acidic, which some kids don;t like (my daughter, no  health issues, doesn't eat any…"
Dec 3
Sal replied to Sal's discussion ng tube weaning for 16month old
"Hello Olga, Thank you for your reply. If Calories are not considered then his minimum fluid intake is 500 ml per day. Currently he drinks water around 180-200 ml per day plus formula 200-300 ml per day. Sometimes he takes the chicken soup only broth…"
Dec 3

Blog Posts

Need advice please!!

Posted by carrie on November 22, 2014 at 2:56pm 4 Comments

Hi everyone. I am a new first time mom of a beautiful baby boy named parker. He is 17 weeks old and 8 of those weve spent in hospital for a couple different issues. He was born full term at 41 weeks but he suffers from silent reflux and the doctors say that is why he refuses to eat enough . He had a ng tube put in 4 weeks ago and seems to be refusing the bottle even more now thab before. Im scared to death of him becoming dependant so i am going to pull the tube in the next week or 2 but i was… Continue

EDS twins

Posted by Catherine Halliday on October 28, 2014 at 1:29am 0 Comments

All three of my children have EDS
all three have severe laryngomalcia (amongst other issues) 2 year old daughter has had tubes on and off in first year of life but twin boys (4months) have been sent home from their surgeries with them. Ng 6fg. Have been trained to feed but not put new one in when pulled out. Max once pulled out his 3 times in a day. Going to be interesting ..... -_-;

14 month old mostly stopped eating.

Posted by Joanna Markell on October 27, 2014 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

My 14-month-old daughter has a g-tube. She was doing great eating solid food (purees mostly) until two months ago when she got sick after her 1-year vaccinations.

Now she’ll eat a few tiny bites of fruit or yogurt, but doesn’t want a spoon anywhere near her mouth. It’s been frustrating — she was doing so well!

Quick background: She started with a g-tube at 6 weeks (FTT at 3 weeks), and moved to the g-tube at 10 months. No diagnosis at this point, but we’ve seen nearly every…


NG to G-Tube how did you decide?

Posted by Jessica Esperanza on October 23, 2014 at 6:18pm 1 Comment

I have read quite a few parents (here and on other forums) saying that they are glad they made the decision to go to G-tube from NG.  It is something I am having a very hard time wrapping my mind around.  Can anyone talk about the procedure itself and the healing process.  If a baby is able to drink just not enough yet, is it better to get the G-tube or try to give her more time before taking that step?  What steps did you take before going for the G-tube, including what types of…



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