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Pulled the Ng tube

Started by Chandra Canning in Tube Weaning. Last reply by Chesney D 9 hours ago. 18 Replies

Submissions needed!!!

Started by Laura O in Lobbying the Government. Last reply by Janelle Aronsten Apr 12. 5 Replies

Us again!

Started by Susannah in Tube Weaning. Last reply by Trish McDonnell Apr 4. 30 Replies

DECREASED reflux with G tube removal?

Started by Heidi Casamasima in Tube Weaning. Last reply by Heidi Casamasima Apr 3. 5 Replies



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Each year Tube Fed Kids pays a subscription to NING to stay online (it used to be free).

Membership to Tube Fed Kids is FREE and we would like to keep it that way.  The subscription each year is $240.00 US dollars.  Last year members kindly donated what they could afford towards to cost of the annual subscription which was enough for 18 months.  I have just paid for the next year Aug 2012-Aug 2013 by paypal. If you are willing to…


Created by Karelle Aug 23, 2012 at 2:04pm. Last updated by Karelle Aug 24, 2012.

Message from TFK Moderator

This forum is a way to share experiences about Tube Dependency, Tube Feeding and Tube Weaning. Members of TFK are mainly parents who have been through the Graz method or who have used the principles of child-led, caloric-reduction style of tube weaning. Or they are TFK members who are Health Professionals interested in learning more from families and their experiences.

Read Before You…


Created by Karelle Mar 14, 2012 at 6:42am. Last updated by Karelle Apr 7, 2012.

Purpose of this Forum

The membership of Tube Fed Kids is primarily parents of past and present tube fed children.  The forum is solely for the purpose of sharing experiences and supporting other parents during their own tube feeding/weaning journey. 

This site is run by parents for parents. Tube Fed Kids is a totally independent parent social networking…


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Profile IconEleanor, Cindy, Pragathi Vasireddy and 2 more joined Tube Fed Kids - Deserve to Eat
3 hours ago
Olga replied to LiamsMom's discussion Need advice - Weaning a 21 month old
"All the very very VERY best to you tomorrow!!!! :-)"
7 hours ago
LiamsMom replied to LiamsMom's discussion Need advice - Weaning a 21 month old
"Thanks Olga.  This is extremely helpful.  We are going in tomorrow morning for our induction so will be out of action for 3 days, but exciting times!  We will be back home on Saturday and will probably weigh Liam again on…"
7 hours ago
Chesney D replied to Chandra Canning's discussion Pulled the Ng tube
"Is he still on lasix, or some med where dehydration is a concern?  Maybe you could keep the tube in until he's weaned off the meds?  I know we weaned a couple of weeks before my daughter went off lasix, so it wasn't so much of a…"
9 hours ago
Olga replied to Caitlin Kane's discussion tube weaning 11 month old
"hi eva! it's not surprising that she doesn't want any food in her mouth -- babies who are full will refuse more food. here are some thoughts about weaning, take them with a giant grain of salt, as i'm just one voice out on the…"
10 hours ago
Eva May replied to Caitlin Kane's discussion tube weaning 11 month old
"Hi Olga - we haven't tried the 50% weaning yet, but it sounds like it makes sense (to create the hunger feeling).  Our daughter is 8 months and we're trying to wean her off the NG tube.  She has been on the tube since she was…"
12 hours ago
Olga replied to Caitlin Kane's discussion tube weaning 11 month old
"How long has your baby been on 50%? How dies she feel about the bottke or food? Is she constipated (that can stop appetite)? Lots of factors to consider first! How old is your baby, are there medical conditions, what kind of tube is it, how long has…"
14 hours ago
Eva May replied to Caitlin Kane's discussion tube weaning 11 month old
"Thanks for all the information here.  I was wondering what do you suggest after your baby is weaned down to 50% feed via tube and they still do not want to take much or anything at all?  Continue being on 50% feed?  Thanks!"
14 hours ago
Olga replied to Chandra Canning's discussion Pulled the Ng tube
"Yeah, that 40 oz is just mind-boggling. I get hydration concerns, too, but I know my kid was OVERhydrated (as they told me later, much later: changing his outfits three times a night from soaked diapers, and no one said a peep. then they tell me…"
15 hours ago
Chandra Canning replied to Chandra Canning's discussion Pulled the Ng tube
"They aren't worried about his weight. They said dehydration. But I talk to so many moms with the same condition and I haven't met one who is required to give their child 1200mls. Most are 800-900 plus food intake. Mine is on top of food…"
16 hours ago
Olga replied to Chandra Canning's discussion Pulled the Ng tube
"And unless there's something I am totally missing, he doesn't need that much. Geez. I would also counter them with questions. Ie, they say "he is not gaining enough." Where you can ask a version of "so what?" In other…"
Olga replied to Chandra Canning's discussion Pulled the Ng tube
"Do they want the mL count or do they want a high rate of weight gain? Wanting an arbitrary (and it is) number of ounces is asinine. Especially if that also includes vomiting and misery. If they want weight gain, ask them what gain, in what time, and…"

Blog Posts

Meds to increase hunger

Posted by Heather on April 9, 2014 at 8:52am 1 Comment

Has anyone used medication to increase appetite and wean off of the tube?

Trying to get off the NG tube

Posted by Heather on April 6, 2014 at 10:06am 5 Comments

A 50% wean did not work. His blood pressure medicine caused hypoglycemia and he started shaking. We are now back to offering the bottle each feeding and he will take anywhere from 30 to 5 mls (most of the time taking around 10). We stopped the scheduled feeds at night and let him wake up to eat. He now will put the bottle in his mouth and keeps his tongue down but does not suck. Or he will suck and fill up his mouth and then spit out the liquid. A g tube is being tossed around and at this point… Continue

We are Tube Free

Posted by sarah buckbee on March 26, 2014 at 11:02pm 1 Comment

Its been awhile since I posted here but I wanted to thank you all for the support, advice, hope and courage I got here. If it weren't for you all sharing your experiences, I never would have gotten the courage and strength and knowledge that I needed to get my daughter off her feeding tube.


The tube came out 6 days after I miscarried at 23 weeks.  That day was a beautiful rainbow ammist one of the stormiest times of my life.  Allison is still extremely underweight, but…


2nd day of ween

Posted by Shannon Hernandez on March 22, 2014 at 1:45pm 1 Comment

so we got the go ahead from our dietician to try to get her off the tube feeds. she suggested we go cold turkey because she has such good eating skills already. also slower weening doesnt seem to work with her so we need to try this and see what she does. so yester day was technically the first day although she did have her morning tube feed, around 4pm I started to notice she was feeling not right maybe a little hungry and cranky, she ate very small amt a few times the first day maybe 200…



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